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    Brain Cell Transplants

    Monday, March 4, 2019 Last Updated 2019-10-25T11:12:11Z
    Can brain transplants be used to enhance brain function? To answer that question, scientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center created human chimeric mice.

    That sounds ominous, but it simply meant that these mice were given human astrocytes—a particular type of brain cells.

    The mice were injected with 100,000 of these astrocytes while they were still developing.

    Remarkably, by the time the mice turned six months old, these human cells had essentially fully replaced the equivalent mice brain cells.

    The researchers then subjected the mice to numerous tests, designed to evaluate their memory and learning abilities.

    These “smart” mice ended up performing markedly better across a wide range of tests than the control group, and were generally shown to be quicker at learning.

    Neuroscientist Bruce Ransom acknowledged the significance of this research, saying: “It’s a stunning result.

    It provides the first unequivocal evidence that astrocytes may well have been one of the evolutionary drivers of human capabilities.”

    Curiously, that quote is suspiciously devoid of commentary on the dangers of breeding hyper-intelligent rodents.


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