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    The Jordan Wall

    Monday, March 4, 2019 Last Updated 2019-10-25T11:58:43Z
    In 1948, a British diplomat flying over Jordan noticed a wall cutting across the countryside. This started a mystery that stands to this day.

    Now called “Khatt Shebib,” the ruins measure 150 kilometers (93 mi) long. The wall was constructed in a north-northeast to south-southwest direction, bears the remnants of about 100 towers, and has sections that branch off or run parallel to each other.

    Researchers don’t know who the masons were or what the structure was supposed to keep in—or out. Even in its heyday, it was too short and narrow to keep out a barbarian horde.

    It was 1 meter (3 ft) high and half that in width.

    To the west, ancient agriculture is more evident and this tentatively suggests a barrier between farmers and herders.Khatt Shebib’s original purpose remains lost.

    Guessing the age of the megastructure isn’t easy, either. All archaeologists can test is pottery left behind, and these pieces date back to AD 750–312 BC.


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