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    How To Make The Perfect Popcorn?

    Monday, May 13, 2019 Last Updated 2019-10-23T20:47:25Z
    Through high-speed imaging and thermodynamic analysis, scientists decided to explore how popcorn jumps, where its popping sound comes from, and what temperature will produce the most popped kernels.

    They found that temperature is the crucial factor. When the kernal is heated, the moisture inside the kernel turns into water vapor and expands against the hull, which then fractures into a billowy, white flake.

    According to their research, the French scientists found that 180 degrees Celsius (356 °F) is the perfect temperature to pop the most corn.

    Below that, fewer kernels will pop. When the critical temperature is reached, a leg protrudes from the grain.

    As the leg heats up, it jumps into the air. But instead of a rocket effect, the kernel performs a maneuver like a running gymnast turning a somersault.

    Even though the sudden release of pressurized water vapor doesn’t cause the kernel to jump, it does create the “pop” we hear.

    The researchers made sure that the sound doesn’t come from the hull fracturing or the flake hitting the plate.

    Instead, they found that the flake becomes an acoustic resonator when its internal pressure drops, like the pop from a champagne bottle when the cork is removed.


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