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    Acient Mystery: The Safaitic Rock Scripts

    Monday, June 3, 2019 Last Updated 2019-10-25T12:16:27Z
    Jordan’s Black Desert was once a different color. If new petroglyphs are to be believed, it was green and abundantly populated with wildlife and people.

    Presently, the desertscape cannot support life and there is little water.Recently, thousands of rock etchings, consisting of drawings and one-liners, have turned up in the Jebel Qurma region.

    Two thousand years ago, the people who lived there left behind a view of their experiences.They wrote on rocks extensively, using an ancient alphabetic script called Safaitic.

    Some just left their names. Others voiced concerns over loved ones or starvation.

    One text, “I am on the lookout for the Nabataeans,” even hints at tension between the Jebel Qurma community and the people responsible for the remarkable city of Petra.Petroglyphs show horses, antelopes, lions, and birds (possibly ostriches).

    Charcoal found at camps proved that water was available in spades. The people used wood from tree species needing year-round water to grow.


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