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    Acient Mystery: The Zhuangqiao Relics

    Wednesday, June 5, 2019 Last Updated 2019-10-25T12:22:27Z
    China is undoubtedly among the oldest of civilizations.

    In 2003, inscribed fragments pushed the country’s most ancient written language back by a groundbreaking 1,400 years.

    The Neolithic shards were excavated at the Zhuangqiao site in Shanghai as pieces of stone, pottery, wood, jade, bone, and ivory.

    The 200 fragments were around 5,000 years old. That makes the inscriptions a close contemporary of the oldest writing in the world, which is thought to have come from Mesopotamia.

    However, the two systems originated independently of each other.The inscriptions resemble Chinese words today.

    Each contains two to five lines that make up a character. What fascinates scholars is that they are strung together like a short sentence.

    This could be a hint that they are words and not symbols.There is still a lot of division between researchers as to whether these are words, hieroglyphics, symbols, or something even more primitive.

    Whatever these golden oldies turn out to be, they are certain to shed more light on the roots of Chinese language.


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