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    Fingers That Store Digital Files

    Tuesday, June 4, 2019 Last Updated 2019-10-24T18:40:10Z
    When Finnish programmer Jerry Jalava had a motorcycle accident in 2008, he faced a double tragedy.

    First, he lost his finger, an obvious problem for anyone who types for a living.

    Second, he had to deal with a medical team who thought they were comedians—learning of his profession, one surgeon joked that Jalava should go out and buy a “USB finger drive.”Rather than strangling the doctor (difficult, due to his injury) Jalava took the corny line as inspiration.

    He decided to go ahead and actually build a prosthetic finger that contains two gigabytes of digital storage.

    He can now jack his finger into a computer just by peeling back the nail to expose the USB plug.

    He can also remove the entire finger at any time and hand it to a friend to use.

    The next step? Jalava plans to upgrade the finger with an RFID tag and add wireless support. He also wants to add more memory, which seems pointless to us.

    If he needs more storage, he has nine other fingers he can chop off and replace with flash drives.


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