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    The Fate Of Dr. Josef Mengele

    Monday, July 8, 2019 Last Updated 2019-10-22T19:01:09Z
    After the end of World War II, Dr. Josef Mengele was one of the most wanted Nazi war criminals in the world.

    Known as the “Angel of Death,” Mengele was the notorious physician at Auschwitz concentration camp who performed horrific experiments on Jewish prisoners for the purposes of genetic research.

    After Auschwitz was liberated, Mengele was held in custody at two American prisoner-of-war camps, but they inexplicably released him.

    Mengele eventually managed to flee to South America, where he would spend the next three decades on the run.

    By the ’80s, rumors began circulating that Mengele was dead, but there were still unconfirmed sightings of him throughout the world, and $3.5 million in reward money was offered for his capture.

    In February 1985, a mock trial was held for Mengele in Jerusalem where 106 of his survivors testified about his atrocities.

    Two months later, West German police would raid the home of one of Mengele’s friends and find a letter from a couple named Wolfram and Liselotte Bossert which mentioned the death of a mutual friend.

    The Bosserts were soon located in Brazil and interrogated. They finally led authorities to a cemetery in Embu containing the grave of a man named Wolfgang Gerhard.According to the Bosserts, Gerhard was actually Josef Mengele.

    He had drowned after suffering a stroke while swimming on February 7, 1979. Even so, there was still some skepticism that the remains belonged to Mengele.

    In 1992, the long manhunt was finally brought to a definitive end when DNA testing was performed on Gerhard’s remains, confirming that the dead man was Josef Mengele.


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