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    The Omajinaakoos creature in Canada

    Monday, July 8, 2019 Last Updated 2019-10-22T19:20:36Z
    An Internet debate ignited in 2010 when photos of an unidentified creature were posted to the website of Big Trout Lake, a Canadian reservation in northern Ontario.

    Two nurses had apparently been walking their dog near a causeway on the reservation when it pulled an odd beast from the water with large teeth and a bald white face.

    While the blogosphere made its own suggestions, community elders speculated it was a beast from tribal lore known as the Omajinaakoos, or “Ugly One” in English, a bad omen.

    This was not the case—the Internet has identified the thing as a mink whose face had been cleared of fur due to its being submerged in water after death.

    Since the carcass was never retrieved, it will never be conclusively proven whether the beast was a legendary harbinger of doom, but the tribe still seems to be doing just fine.


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