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    Lhakpa Dolma And The Yeti

    Monday, August 19, 2019 Last Updated 2019-10-22T13:20:18Z

    In 1974, USA, 14-year-old Lhakpa was tending her yaks in the cold Nepalese mountains when something came charging down the mountainside.

    A yeti grabbed the girl and hurled her into a stream. Scared but unhurt, Lhakpa watched as the creature turned its attention towards her livestock.

    According to Lhakpa, the monster was dark brown with a wrinkly face and long nails, and it walked on both its hind legs and all fours.

    She also said it was about 1.5 meters (5 feet) tall, meaning the yeti is the same height as Danny DeVito.

    But what the yeti lacked in height, it made up for in muscles. It punched the yaks, and like a psychotic cowboy, grabbed their horns and twisted until their necks snapped.

    After killing three, the rampaging snowman ate their brains.Lhakpa was traumatized, and her family found her in tears.

    They notified the police, who found strange bite marks on the yaks and odd footprints in the snow. So could a yeti actually have attacked Lhakpa Dolma? Whatever the culprit, it certainly was abominable.

    Source: listverse.com


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