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    George William Wandyaka

    Sunday, September 1, 2019 Last Updated 2019-10-22T13:59:17Z
    In 1981, Edward Edmary Mpagi was a popular citizen from the village of Kyamabaale, Uganda, but his entire life came crashing down on June 12 of that year.

    That’s the day that he and his cousin, Fred Masembe, were arrested and charged with the alleged robbery and murder of Mpagi’s neighbor, George William Wandyaka.

    One year later, both men were sentenced to death for the murder. Mpagi thought he noticed something shocking that day, however—the supposedly “dead” Wandyaka appeared to be standing in the back of the courtroom.

    Masembe died on death row four years later, but Mpagi’s family sensed that something was fishy and conducted an investigation.

    Throughout the decade, there were numerous sightings of Wandyaka in Uganda, and in 1989, he was finally confirmed to alive.

    Apparently, Wandyaka’s parents held a grudge against Mpagi’s parents, and decided to exact revenge by faking their son’s death and framing Mpagi for his murder.

    Even though Wandyaka was not actually dead, a conviction was made possible after his parents allegedly bribed a doctor to falsely testify that he had performed a post-mortem on Wandyaka’s body.

    Unfortunately, in spite of new evidence that Wandyaka was alive, the courts did not want to admit their colossal mistake.

    Ngapi remained on death row for 11 more years before he finally received a full pardon from the president of Uganda.

    Source: listverse.com


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