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    Mapimi Silent Zone In Mexico

    Sunday, October 27, 2019 Last Updated 2019-10-27T12:17:13Z
    There is a patch of desert in Bolson de Mapimi, Mexico that has been the site of very strange radio wave phenomenon.

    In July 1970, it’s said that a US military base in Utah launched a test missile that went way off course and crashed in the desert.

    A team was sent out to find the wreckage, and a road was built to transport it back. The missile is said to have contained radioactive elements that contaminated the topsoil.

    It has been said that no radio, TV, short wave, microwave, or satellite signals can get into the zone. Strange orbs, lights, and UFOs have been spotted in the zone as well as reports of three blond, humanoid creatures.

    Several people claim that they request water and nothing else, and when asked where they are from they reply “from above”.

    While all of these claims are starting to seem a little far-fetched, there has been scientific evidence that an odd level of magnetite resides in the soil.

    Scientists don’t know whether this has given the area magnetic properties or if the abnormally large amount of meteors the area is struck by have caused it.

    Either way, there’s something off about this place.


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