Hypothetical Mars water bodies

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Hypothetical Mars water bodies

Friday, December 20, 2019
Once upon a time, Mars had plenty of liquid water on the planet's surface - rivers, seas and lakes. Now there are no such bodies, but there is still plenty of water; indeed, it stagnates in the ice.

Some of the ice is seen as polar hats, and some is hidden beneath surface rocks and regolith. The first map of Mars' water resources has now been presented.

The information collected by Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter and Mars Odyssey probes was analyzed.

The devices in these apparatus measure the Martian surface temperature accurately.

Its changes are determined by the structure of the surface, as the regolith and the ice accumulate and transfer heat differently.

By developing a surface model consisting of ice covered with regolith, scientists determined the probable thickness of the regolith at different locations on Mars.

As a result, much of Mars' central and polar latitude is less than 80 centimeters deep.

To reach it, you don't need specialized equipment, just a shovel and a picker.

This is great news for future Mars colonists who will need plenty of water to survive and to produce propellants and other materials.